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darkarts's Journal

The Art of Darkness
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Contrary to possible first impressions, this Community has nothing to do with Satanism, "Black Magick," or any other such thing. This is a place for members' original stories, poetry, art, etc. about the more taboo aspects of sexuality, such as rape fantasies, blood/pain fetishes, and other BDSM and related activities. Accounts of actual activities and even dreams are welcome as well, but I'm meaning this to be primarily a place of creative expression.

A few basic ground rules to be aware of:

1.) THIS IS A MODERATED COMMUNITY. You must be approved for membership before you can post here. Only in rare occasions will people under the age of 18 be granted membership, and deciding whether to grant membership is at the sole discretion of the Moderator. And yes, I am aware that people younger than that could be interested and want to share their fantasies too, but I'm just being cautious about legalities here. Please make your age somehow available to the Moderator when applying for membership.

ATTENTION: Being added to this community has become a bit complicated. You must click the "Join this community" link at the top of this page. From there, I will recieve a "request pending message," and then can approve or reject your request.

2.) NO RIDICULE OR ANTAGONISM. This is meant to be a safe place for people to share the kind of deep, dark fantasies that most of society would consider inappropriate and worse. Be considerate, and remember that, if you're a member, you're sharing sensitive material too. If you're just an on-looker, remember that you chose to come here, and you can also choose to leave.

3.) USE THE LJ-CUT TAG, especially on longer stories, large artworks, and anything overly explicit. Don't want long loading times, Friends List spamming, or people getting in trouble with work/school/friends/family for anything that gets posted here. Just use your best judgement.

4.) NO UNSOLICITED ADVANCES. Yes, this community that deals with sexuality, but that isn't an open invitation to hit on anyone. If people are looking for that, and make that abundantly clear, then alright, but just don't make assumptions. However, please don't use this community as your own personals/dating service, there are other communities for that.

5.) NO UNRELATED QUIZ RESULTS OR SURVEYS, PLEASE. Simple enough, eh? Stay on topic as much as possible please.

6.) FEEL FREE. As I said, this is supposed to be a safe place. If all goes well, no one will be judged or ridiculed. Basically, anything goes, within reason.

There, that's not too bad, is it? I hope this Community is a welcome addition to LJ.

~~hexeengel, Moderator

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